I help companies and organizations in doing things cost effective, better and faster

This by harnessing the power of the web with online marketing, -development and -automation.

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About Roger

Internet entrepreneur, Foodie and Lifehacker with a passion for building online machines. I love to travel and work from all over the world, and embedded this in my way of living. My main focus is Hoasted, where I am co-founder. With Hoasted we provide web-profesisonals, businesses and individuals the tools and services to do things better and faster. What differs us from the rest is that we focus on delivering performance.


Companies I work with

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I am located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I work with clients globally.


What companies hire me for

Speaking sessions

Are you looking for niched expertise for your team? I share my knowledge, tools and tricks in workshops, trainings and speaking sessions. I custom make after your needs and wishes. Popular sessions I’m hired and re-hired for are: Online sales, optimizing business, tools and tricks and Custom SEO.

Strategic sessions

Strategy and research are at the core of all business. I help you to get to know your target market better and advise you on how to optimize your business.

Business development

Business development is one of my many passions. I help you to get to find solutions on your challenges by optimizing your business and harness the most out of it.

Search engine advertising

Creating the right paid media advertising for you, data-driven, targeted, controlled and analyzed. With paid searches you get connected with your potential customers that are actively searching for your brand or one of your services or products. From onetime to ongoing campaigns.


I offer you the best solution for your needs, if it’s a completely new page, improving your current site or special features and custom code. From landing pages to custom webshops.

Search engine optimization

Developing content,optimizing websites and SEO services.
I help you increasing qualified organic search traffic to your website and driving new revenue for your business.

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Areas of expertise

Online marketing

Getting people in touch with your products or services via online marketing. Half of the business equation.

Web automation

I have a passion for automating things. Why do things manually if it can be automated?


Do more in less time with the right tools and procedures. Better, faster, cheaper and smarter.

Online machines

Building online products or services that can run on themselves without any obligation in time and effort.

Business development

Optimizing your business and harness the most out of it. Work on the business, not in it.

Global lifestyle

I enjoy optimizing life and opportunities through combining business and exploring the world at once. Like a ‘digital’ nomad.


Coworking Experience: Work from

Together with two global friends, I created a co-living concept called ‘Work From’. A group of entrepreneurial people working remotely and joining forces to spend one month working and living together. It is neither a retreat nor a vacation, but a month long experiment in co-living and co-working a location independent lifestyle. In November 2014 we went to Bali with 34 people and in November 2015 to Curacao with 20 people.

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Networks, sharing knowledge and interacting. I’m involved in several international networks and projects. I love to connect the right people and believe that this is the modern way of doing business.

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Power of Youth


Kauffman Foundation


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